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Bloom Café, Irish Town

I took my Sunday Morning abyss to Bloom Cafe in Irish Town and ordered saltfish fritters, Ackee and saltfish, green banana, boiled dumplings, breadfruit with a cup of caawfy [coffee].

I loved the presentation of the food, more so the utensils I guess. That rich natural brown look is totally up my alley. It felt very ital. I felt like a respecter of nature, almost like a bird perched on the lush hillside looking out over the city. It felt relaxing and healthy, lol, even when the rain came and disrupted my painting session.

While my appetizer, the fritters with the sauce, was an absolute hit for me, I found the rest of the food to be just okay. The ackee and saltfish was way too oily for my liking, but I don't think the wait time was bad.

I would suggest making a reservation before going because dining capacity is not a lot. So, unless you love the view like me, you wouldn't want to drive all the way up in the hills and be disappointed, especially since it has become such a hit.

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