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Bob Marley Beach

Be careful you miss it. Slow down and look for a little lane on the right-hand side of the road just after coming over the bridge at Weise Road, Nine Miles Bull Bay.

No worries, there is a gem down there.

Bob Marley Beach is a nice little chill spot. I advise you to duck for shade because the sun hits flaming hot on the black sand. It's a hustle, we were told $500 per hr for a thatch hut. What?? Excuse. Hell no.

We gave him $500 for the entire day for a smaller thatch shelter with an extended bench.

Like my beach hat, I am sure you know that blue striped picnic mat that I take everywhere including the beach too.

It's giving sunbathe, open space, fresh air, chill and hang, picnic and take your dog to beach vibe. It can give swimming too if you can handle it. The waves? Rough. It's rough bad. It's a south coast thing in Jamaica.

I actually hurt my shoulder.


Given it was a little chill with friends, given we love to chill and give our money is on a mission. We bought large bottles of water and snacks at the supermarket and took sandwiches we made from home.

*chef's kiss*

I almost didn't go, through. I was warned by persons living in the area that they have violent flare-ups from ongoing tension between gangs. Specifically that lane too.

But hey 🤷‍♀️

Let me know if you have ever been and what your experience was like. 😌👋

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