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Breathe In

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Truly, I have ignored this section of my blog for too long and kept it ghetto. I know how to have fun and how to do hours of introspection, but relaxing, for real for real, has been a struggle. But I have unlearned, and continue to unlearn some habits, like sleeping but not resting. So finally, I am here to share one simple thing that I loved to do, and discovered that I still love to do, to relax.

Botanical Gardens

I love people-watching but it needs to be done in a comfortable environment so I choose parks and gardens. Often times for me, this ends up with me taking a nap in the shade of the trees, or I lay comfortably and *try to read a book. Other times, I am walking up to strangers and asking them questions.

I just feel so refreshed when I can get off the clock and just chill among nature and God's creation. No fuss.

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