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Let your tears down

I am sobbing at the nail salon 👀

So my nail tech, Karen*, got a call mid pedicure that her niece was about to run a race.

As soon as she hit that red icon on the phone, she directed everyone's attention to the television screen.

But, there is a former athlete here, Taylor*.

Taylor is years out of school and off the track, must be some 10 or 12 years, but her words are coloured with passion and revelry.

Expressing loathe for the school that challenged her and her team, challenges rather as even now they are leading, the pitch of her voice and the tone of her commentary connect with our eardrums much like the frozen beverages that are usually hurled once the final announcements are made.

"Look Taylor, look, mi niece ago run. She inna lane six, look," Karen bellows to the track and field maven craving her approval and support.

Oop...feels to me like a false start 😅

Taylor fires back with a definitive question that froze time: "which school?"

"Catherine, Catherine," Karen exclaims not being able to catch her breath out of excitement.


Karen flies from her chair dashing across the room. Though her eyes are glued to the tele, her feet are skipping out of confusion.

"Come, run, come, just come go," she shouts, cheering her over the finish line.

Right now, I am in tears grinning from ear to ear at how supportive she is and how she is bursting with excitement.

I really wouldn't want my feet out all the way exposed to the AC like dat😖

But, I really dont mind. It is a sweet moment.

Her niece bows out fourth in the 200m class four semi-final at the Issa/Grace Kennedy Boys' and Girls' Athletics Championship.

And Taylor, though aggressively competitive sprinting down memory lane recounting her glory days, offers words of comfort from her blocks of wisdom.

"She can still qualify man, if she get fastest loser," she bawls.

True, but still, I find her diction and the gritty offering of an olive branch after jeering every school that is not her's hella hilarious.

*Name Change

#champs #Issa #BoysandGirlsChampionship


It's always good to allow yourself to be in the moment and feel. Emotions are a part of the journey of life... But to be honest, I am just really menstrual right now- definitely a topic for future discussion👌😘


Until next time,

Because the journey never ends!


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