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Let’s Chat || 2022

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Did you do an executive review of your [self/life] in preparation for 2022? I have been meaning to, and much like a lot of other things, it seems the approach I have taken is some kind of subconscious autopilot. At random points, I realise that I have been breaking it down bit by bit, but not in a deliberate way giving it my undivided attention. My year doesn't usually start till February anyway. In January, I allow everything and everyone else to settle down and I need to recover from Christmas [that I may stop celebrating… currently working through this to be able to make a decision].

Here are 5 things I can acknowledge based on the review I have done so far though:

  1. God is very assertive and he actually answers my prayers.

  2. I am so much more self-aware than I give myself credit for.

  3. I demonstrate more confidence through my decisions than I feel.

  4. I have not been taking full advantage of therapy.

  5. I am constantly called to embrace a return rather than reinvention.

Ohh wait, let's do that again:

1. When it's all done and over, we will proclaim that our Abba knows and chooses what is best for us. Even in situations that we deem minuscule and insignificant. Even in situations that we think rely solely on our own choice, reasoning and strength, we may need him to overrule human intelligence, emotion, and understanding. We may need him to pull up …And he will. I am able to reflect and see that those loud prayers, shared prayers, whispered prayers and unknown prayers (these hold a special place in my heart) have been answered and some more swiftly than others; saving me from myself. THANK YOU, JESUS!

2. Quit saying “I don't know”, you do. You are frustrated with your own babbling and confused too because you think you don’t know, but you do. You know it, you are probably just being gas-lighted, even by yourself, or not empowered enough to own and express your feelings and your voice. Do you see me out here putting words to what I feel and putting it on the extra-net as a facet of my known [and hated- dang much is required of me but I accept the cup] purpose. Acknowledge, accept and speak up.

3. Confidence goes beyond a feeling; yet, it is a feeling one can get when bold decisions are made. I don’t know how much of that I actually, quite literally, feel. I just wake up on a day like today and seldom decide to reflect, or the realization just smacks me in the face 60 years later…

“Oh wow, did I actually do that?”

“Dang Jonielle, that means that you think that confidently about yourself to have really believed that you could have pulled that off.”

“Yup, I see why they thought I was crazy. That was crazyyy!”

4. A change in perspective is one of the most beautiful things in life. It symbolizes growth. Let’s start there. With that being said, let us stop making generalisations- call a spade a spade and be strategic in attacking the root of things. Be willing to make that cut. More to come on this soon…

In the same breath, it would be remiss of me not to note that it is the (positive) results of therapy thus far that made me realise that I have not been taking full advantage of it.

5. This should and will be a whole other post as well... Wheew. Becoming a better person is not like putting on a suit, or a mask for that matter. It is more of a peeling away and a peeling back of all these things we do and adopt on the quest to become “That Girl”. No need.b You already are.

Embrace a return to self instead of a reinvention.

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