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Let's not get ahead of ourselves

-We often think it's easy until it becomes hard.


I don't remember what the initial conversation was, but I remember telling my sister that I really love my therapist, I really wouldn’t want to do life without her and I definitely don’t see her enough.

It sounds intense, I know. She thought so too.

I continued to explain away her facial expression.

“Whenever I feel my heart closing up I know I need to hurry up and book an appointment. And when we are done, I am the lightest, brightest person ever,” I said.

I feel like I have a handle on things in those moments- have it all under control. I really feel the healing progress and like the conqueror I truly am.

But I remember standing at the kitchen counter after explaining this to my sister and hearing “Let’s not get ahead of yourself for when life happens I am miserable, angry and dissatisfied again.

Those words reminded me that being the better or best version of myself requires constant work- the denotative meaning of constant.

Having a proud moment (s) or something to celebrate doesn't mean it's time to pack up, go home, or retire. Keep playing.

In the middle of expressing that the only finality in life is when we die, I remembered that not even then things are final, at least not for us who believe in the afterlife. After death, there is the eternity of heaven and hell.

That supports the point or idea I am making: In life, there are no destinations, it is just a journey, it never stops.

One thing my therapist focuses on a lot for me is self-sustenance. Along with the need for me to practice that, I have to be careful of moments when I feel like I have made it- Like I have done well and I become comfortable and slack off.

So when life, love and people kick me, and my heart closes up, that is evidence that I haven’t been putting in the work.

This principle applies to so many aspects of life.

Getting a ripped body in the gym does not stop there. Yea, body good, body set right, but if I know anything about gym life, I know the workout has to intensify to keep the gains or the keep the weight off.

Make your today’s best your tomorrow’s worst🌺


Until next time, because the journey never stops 💞

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