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Man rant II

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

What is it with you and loving a challenge? Can't you see how that is borderline degrading. Sure you don't like a girl that's "easy to get" and I can see through that somewhat, but man, have some self-respect and some self-worth. Me ignoring you is not code for you to "try harder".

Not a yam head.

I strive really hard not to be an *official yam head. I say official because I tell my friends all the time that I allow us a minimal level of yam headry but conditions apply. Anyhoo, I think some core things about me are very clear. No need for you to guess and spell. You have an idea of what kind of woman I am and what kind of things I like. So why then, do you even bother to try and work your certified lover boy spell on me? Other females like what you like and are into your type of things, why are you harassing me to win points? Please sir, keep it moving. I'm not interested.

Dating? What is that?

Personally, I think the "getting to know each other stage" can be cute and intriguing. I would advise that you pace yourself and enjoy the boggling newness. The issue is this, ladies, why are you okay with that man pulling up to your gate for you two to sit and talk in his car [all the time]?

  • How much do you really know this person for it to be okay for him to know where you live?

  • The above… with the fact that when you go in, the doors close and he is the one at the steering wheel.

  • And I mean sis, you don't think you deserve to be taken out and *dated?

  • You don't wanna see how that man behaves and treats you in public and in specific crowds?

Let me close this out with a few tips for the potential suitors however few.

  1. Don't be afraid to approach me. No need to declare your intention in that first encounter but say straight up what you want- Can I get your number, I would like you to go out with me, let me take you on a date. Say whatever, after your greetings and preamble of course. Nice, that is easy and simple without the awkward corniness, and extra foolishness (lol, sorry but chill out).

  2. I am not going out with a total stranger. So, we must be communicating before the initial date that I get a sense of who you are or if I even want to really go out with you and vice versa, you may have read me wrong.

  3. This is an intimate context so whether you ask me out, or I ask you out (I really want to try doing this if it's even once just to have the experience) you're paying. Some may be mad at this but so be it 🤷‍♀️. If you're not and things escalate with us, you will see that depending on the date I will cover myself and if I like you I may even take you out, my treat.

  4. Regarding communication, it would be good to consult Man Rant part I. Also, show me of course that you are interested but all our conversations don't need to be unending and if we just exchanged numbers we don't have to communicate everyday 🤷‍♀️ or a "have a good day" message can suffice until we've met up and or hit it off in conversation. If not a part of a conversation, meaning it came up because of something else we were talking about etc, don't ask me that line of getting to know you questions. That is: "what is your favourite colour, food, song… " I promise it will come up.

  5. If we communicate via phone too long before meeting up in person I promise things may not go anywhere, I know myself. Vibes are different with different modes of communication and that in-person meeting helps me to determine how to share in phone conversations (call or text) with you.

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