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Man rant part I

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Let's make it easy and do bullet points... periods!

  • Validation

I am never quick to share anything about me, yet you men tell me "everything" and you don't give me the chance to ask. When you did, I asked you what you did your degree in, you answered by saying I am a computer engineer, “xyzgbsysc”, “whsygsy”, “sushsv” (I can't remember the other titles).

That didn't answer my question, you simply gave a list of many job titles and that is not what I asked for. The game is just about to start. I am not interested in that.

I think too that it's validation that causes you to point out and state every single thing having to do with the woman. The need to know it all and "be the man".

Hon, see that she likes or appreciate it, without you hoisting your tail in the air, or see that she stubbed her toe and be mature about it. See that she wishes she was slimmer or that she is embarrassed or feels conscious and in a mature way, don't say anything, or subtly affirm… I say subtly because the game is just starting. When you're in the game then you boost her up like supligenT.

I don't need to know how much you paid for a pair of shoes or a cologne. And, I really don't even need to know how many you have.

The game is just starting, just mention that you like them. I'll ask which ones you like… well if you give me the chance to, of course.

I just don't seem to understand this high dive y'all keep doing. Inna fu fah pool? No mi love (In whose pool? No, my love). I simply can't.

I am happy you blocked me after the first conversation because where do you come from talking about you know you make me nervous. And who really do you think you are talking about you know I was sad and disappointed when you declare your intention as just friendship. Friends huh, nothing at all behind it? That's why you slid in the DMs flirting? no thanks. I can flirt with myself in the mirror.

  • Swish swash

I like a man that knows what he wants and is very clear about his intentions but mausa, know that I believe in (divine) timing.

So you shouldn't have asked me on the first day that we met, and was simply having an introductory conversation if I will be ready to have kids soon 😪.

As you have voiced to a total stranger, me, I understand that you are getting old and you are the only one of your brothers without children. Yes, I heard you proposing to take care of me since I am "young and don't really reach certain places in life as yet".

But my brother, slow down really, I am the one with a biological clock. After all, I have heard that old men make good babies. 🙊🤷‍♀️

Why are you calling me? Sorry, I mean, why are you calling me straight around the clock. Furthermore, why do you call me from different numbers when I do not answer yours? I am just lost for words. What if we were together, or before we even get there, what if I had expressed interest in you. I did say I am not interested, I did say I don’t like you like that.

  • The nerve

How dare you are dating me without my permission? I don’t get it. What is this with you asking me my opinion on some strong topics, and randomly inviting me places as I have you? But, we are only strictly friends in my head??

If you are looking around clueless, just observe me from a far. If you think you like what you see, from that distance, then tell me that. If you want to learn more about me/ get to know me, then tell me that too. But don’t be making assessments and keeping a tallying chart without my permission.

This one feels a little unfair but what I see you doing is basically tEstINg me and Ion like that. I eight it. Then, what is a pass mark and what is a fail? Hon, me or Karen just may not be the type for you. Just put it that way and move on.


If you are reading this and were addressed above, based on our interactions, I am sure you know I have nothing but respect for you even though we do not see eye-to-eyeye and you’re not my type. No hard feelings, love.

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