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Rafting on Martha Brae

📍Falmouth, Trelawny

How can you sit or stand on top of a raft made of the world's tallest grass, the fastest growing plant and some say the strongest plant on the planet, on what I think is the most powerful element, and not feel a transfer of strength, peace and empowerment gifted to us from nature?

Rafting on Martha Brae for me was a soulful experience. I heard my thoughts, I heard the river, the birds and the wind. I saw the beauty of creation and learnt lessons from nature. All of that, just for $8,800 per raft, two persons per raft. For foreigners, the cost is US$77 per raft.

It was about an hour of solace for the 6 miles journey down the river. Choose wisely who you want to spend those minutes with. I figure that can either make or break the [peaceful] experience. Also, there is little to no reception along the way, drones crashed because of this.

Locals dotted the riverbanks selling Jamaican delicacies and Jamaica branded apparel. They will beckon for you to stop by and purchase items such as soup, fritters, jerk, towels, bathing suits, and wooden sculptures that are locally made.

Don't let the ride end before you stand up and take control. If you didn't before, then you would notice the toned backs and gunned biceps on your raft captain. Rowing that raft, with just one bamboo…. Tek trent. It takes a lot of strength.

When I got to the end of the ride, there was a photographer there taking pictures of those willing to pay. There is also a shuttle waiting to take you back up to the office where you would have parked.

For your information, because I was not interested, lol, the Martha Brae Rafting Village has two gift shops and a swamp safari. This attraction is 6.6km outside of Falmouth.

If it is raining in or around the area, up in the hills of Trelawny, the river will be murky and rough. I would suggest waiting on blue skies for a clean flow and a radiant variety of clear blue along the way.

Oh, how can I forget! once you turn off the main road there are countless restaurants, cook shops if I may. For where I enquired they had soups and a variety of options such as curried conk and fried chicken. The curried conch lunch was $1, 000 Jamaican dollars.

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