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Run Up Inna Dis

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Conflict management is a failing point for our society, yet it catalyzes change. So many times I have witnessed debacles that caused everything inside me to cringe as it only happened because people refused to say how they felt. However, I have also had several of those moments because people couldn't stop themselves from saying [exactly] what they thought and doing whatever the hell they felt like.

I want to shout, “say how you feel,” but then, “no, please don’t do it.”

Let’s normalize finding a resolution even in the height of the conflict or even so, let’s prevent things from climaxing. Bear in mind that will require you to just say how you feel but also to filter your speech etc

I believe it is a matter of distrust that causes us to battle with this- Us doubting the reliability of our countries' systems and the ever-changing social construct of justice.

"So there is no faith in the justice system so why speak up? how will this be settled? Nobody cares. And why not? Why not "stand up" for me? Naa mek nobody take me fi clown."

There are prisons, there are protests and riots but then there is restorative justice and mediation… jungle justice...

What then and what really should we be normalising?

I for one feel like a mutant trying to balance energies in different rooms and spaces. I am also the kind of mutant that has two whole other active worlds in my head, or just the two angels on my shoulders. But my expressions, responses and comments have a whole debate with each other before the centered.

sense decides which comes out. All that and sometimes I still get it "wrong".

Run up inna dis!

The truth is we have to say how we feel to have healthy relationships with ourselves and others as it helps to prevent interpersonal and intra-personal conflict.

The truth is we have to filter our speech especially when it's not problem-solving and pacifying.

The truth is, this post is inspired by my relationship with myself and that with some close to me. Some of us refuse to just say how we feel and some of us are too okay with saying anything, especially when we are upset. Not we, they really, because I am gonna kip it mek it choke me 🙃

So not healthy.

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