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That Brown Bag

Okay, okay, let's talk about it. There is really no explanation but love.

Bloom Café, Irish Town
I took this picture at Breakfast at Bloom Café, in Irish Town

It is a brown beaded side bag with a waterproof inner lining.

The gag is, it's rectangular and compact but it can hold all I would need it to. It has a zipper on the outside, none on the inside but it has two small compartments to put my money or [bank cards] in.

I had this habit of buying or collecting a souvenir from each place I would visit.

So, on a #journey down to Negril, I stopped at Waterfront Restaurant and Bar in Hanover for food and stumbled across their gift shop. That trip was sentimental to me so of course, I had to stamp it with a souvenir.

I bought this for US$25 along with a brand Jamaica crop top for approximately US$18. I have never worn that cop top outside of my house, but that bag, it's always my first choice.


Until next time, because the journey never stops.


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