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When I'm gone, Morbid

What is your ministry of presence?

Eschatology, the part of theology concerned with death, judgement, and the final destiny of the soul and humankind (Sis Google) is a topic that stirs minds and flaps tongues always.

I believe we ought to find and experience God's peace on earth, that our earthly trod should not be about the preached delayed gratification- di good ting dem only when you get to heaven. The holy spirit is present with us, thus, as we have countless encounters with God and as we create a home of abode in our lives and heart for him, we get the opportunity to experience his peace.

The Good Book surely said, let your light shine (turn up, win, excel, live) before men so they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

This is the part of the sermon where everything changes, *cues musicians*. Here is where I say, your first day on earth is the beginning of your journey to the last, your last day can be today or just tomorrow, who knows.

From the backbench, I am singing on top of my lungs "When I'm gone, when I'm go-aw-aw-awn-owne" from that Pitch-Perfect movie.

But in true J'nielle fashion, I am asking you who is going to miss you when you're gone?

I am sure as hell asking myself that, I have at different points before.

And so I ask, What is your ministry of presence?

What do you add to the lives of the people around you? How do you enhance their lives?

Let's make it easier, if you were to die right now, what would be missing from the lives of your family, friends, colleagues? What would your death take from this world?

I give room for you to be astonished by the distasteful listings. Maybe you will go, and take with you contention, poverty, a threat to their peace of mind or even ill-health. Maybe you will leave your people battling with the guilt of relief or freedom.

Or, and I hope this is so, they will miss your infectious laughter and charming smile, your warm compassion and your forgiving and selfless heart. Maybe they will miss your inspiration and encouragement and maybe the world would miss out on your contribution to advocacy for the oppressed and marginalised. Just maybe, creation will weep at the loss of a spiritual connection with a vessel of translation.


My grandma burst out dancing in her mani-pedi session ❤

An ode to dead me

Surely you left with the arrow of truth that you often released with a gentle stroke.

Surely, no one will ever be able to make your friends and family feel as loved as you made them feel, at least sometimes… maybe most times.

You were a protector of all good things, and you saw all things as good. You carried the weight of many while fighting for your freedom first and others thereafter. That meant everything to you. All you ever talked about was how you wanted to be a better person straight across the board. That along with countless accounts of how you encounter and experience God and all things about him.

Most times you knew your worth, few times you celebrated your work. You lived a lot in potential as opposed to fruition yet, you have done much in your lifetime, you have touched many lives.

The world has lost an instrument of love.

***inspired by JM

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